About Us

CubeHall is a platform that aspires to create a passion economy by allowing artists, artisans, designers, and other creative individuals or organizations to list and sell their tangible products while also strengthening their relationships with their supporters.

Shop original from independent creators and brands.


The idea for CubeHall was sailed back in 2018 when co-founder Yeden and his friends did not have a platform to sell creative products in Nepal. In 2020, CubeHall began in Yeden Sherpa's single-room dwelling when co-founder Laxmi Tamang agreed to bring the idea to life and was launched in December 2021.


Build a better place to create, buy and sell.


It's simple: we believe in making money by doing something we love. That's why we want to build creators' economies to power them to pursue their passion for living.


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Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer
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