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Full guidelines

These CubeHall brand guidelines provide general rules about using our brand assets. We want to ensure that both the CubeHall mark and logotype are always recognizable and legible.

Logo Identity

Please respect our branding guidelines and do not alter the logo in any way.

Our primary red logo.

You can also use a black and white approach.

Logo use on Photos

The following are examples of logo usage on photographic backgrounds. Do not use red-logo or alter the color. Use the black version of the CubeHall logo on light photography and white for darker photographs.

Things to avoid when using our logo

These examples illustrate unacceptable uses of our identity. Please respect our branding guidelines and do not manipulate the CubeHall identity in any way.

Do not add filters or effects to our logo.

Do not outline the logo.

Use red, white, or black logos with sufficient contrast for clear legibility.

Do not stretch in any way.

Do not use multiple colors for mark and logotype.

Do not rearrange the logo.

Call to action lockups

We provide templates for interactive call-to-action lockups to link your CubeHall studio or person's profile. Or make your own, following the guides below.

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