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CubeHall is a simple yet powerful e-commerce platform that gives you access to a wide range of powerful tools. Sell anything you can make to the right people at the right moment, including artwork, designs, books, crafts, DIYs, furniture, and more.

Your Studio, Your Way

Customization options
No site? No problem. Sell your products on our platform with easy-to-remember custom URLs. Colors, buttons, the cover, and more may all be customized for your studio.

Sell Anything

You're well aware of all your brilliant ideas. Produce it and sell it. We don't put any restrictions on your creativity.
  • Sell your paintings
  • Sell your card designs
  • Sell your comic book
  • Sell your cosplay props
  • Sell your dress
  • Sell Anything

Payment Integrations

You can set your own price for your creation. By offering free delivery or a discount voucher, you can choose the monetization method that best suits your needs.

You shouldn't have to wait 30 days to get your money. After a successful delivery, you will be paid immediately to your bank or Khalti account.

Online Activities

See your passions pay off

The things you’d like to sell probably do not belong in e-commerce stores. Parlor was built with creators in mind, allowing you to commercialize the things you enjoy doing. Zoom call, crafting, cooking, yoga, culture, art lesson, and more.

Grow Your Audience

No ads, no algorithms. You don't have to depend upon the mercy of algorithms. Instead, create and sell directly to your audience. Dive deeper into your sales with analytics, ratings and reviews that can help you improve your products. Build direct and meaningful connections with your audience with our tools 'ShowOff', 'Story', 'Reactions, 'Reviews', and 'Comments'.

Care to share what you've made.